Our Story

When we were living in Spain, we always enjoyed the possibility of just going out for a short walk without planning it and ending up at the beach. Espadrilles were always our summer shoes.

Once we moved to the US, we found it hard to get original espadrilles. During one of our trips back to Spain, we had the chance to talk with a relative about how his family used to run an espadrille shop a few decades ago in Barcelona. Back in the States, the idea of summer shoes was in our head and, inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of Barcelona, we set out to create shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and handmade with eco-conscious, cruelty-free materials. 

For our first collection, with the support of a three-generation family business in Spain, we learned the art of shoe-making and created a contemporary chukka boot with genuine Mediterranean jute-wrapped construction. We also added innovative features to make it ideal for more than a short walk, and stylish to match any casual attire from sunrise to sunset and everything in-between.

Launched in the summer of 2013, Vogas is a Massachusetts-based footwear and accessories startup, a maker of Mediterranean-inspired colorful goods. We aim to keep things personal. We pay attention to detail, and make all our products vegan and cruelty-free. This means no animals were harmed when making our shoes and accessories.