Our Backgrounds
Daniel has a background in marketing. With one foot in Colombia and the other in Spain, Daniel moved to Europe for his senior year in college, where he discovered his passion for design and fashion. After living in Europe, South and North America, he traded his marketing skills for fabric and spent a year learning the art of shoe design before launching Vogas. His creativity was crucial in developing Vogas' very first collection. He enjoys traveling and living close to the water. He holds a bachelor degree in International Business and an MBA from CEU Cardinal Herrera University.                                                          

Diego grew up on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and has a background in marketing and business development. After spending his senior year in college living in Paris, he worked in consulting for a while and developed a strong interest for entrepreneurship, further confirmed after his move to the States, where he attended the Tuck School of Business. Diego is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast.  He holds a joint bachelor’s and master's degree in Engineering from the Technical University of Valencia and an MBA from Dartmouth College.