Inspired by the authentic Mediterranean Espadrille

The traditional concept of Espadrille is very simple. It could be defined as canvas shoes with a flat rope sole. Espadrilles rope soles are traditionally made by hand, using jute rope and hand stitching for the canvas body.  

The basic and more ancient type of Espadrille was used as long as 4,000 years ago. Despite this long history, the word Espadrille is closely related to Barcelona, capital of the Catalonia region in Spain. Espardenya, is the original word for Espadrille and its name comes from Espart, a Mediterranean needle grass that has been traditionally used to craft the Espadrille soles.

Nowadays, Espadrilles are a casual fashion statement and a classic European summer style for both men and women from all ages. Haute-couture houses from around the world have their own version of Espadrille and they have made their way to the most famous fashion shows and celebrities.


Vogas has honored the traditional Mediterranean Espadrille by integrating extra cushioning, high-tech fibers, and modern design, while preserving the handcrafting processes and the original Jute sole.