Vogas' at the Newbury Handmade Market in Boston

Visit our pop-up space at 301 Newbury Street in Boston.

Back in those childhood days, “handmade” was not even a concept. It was the only alternative, and it seemed to make my Mom as proud and happy as the perfect gift would make any Mother.

Nowadays everything is easy. With a simple click, I have the gift … but my Mother still loves a handwritten letter more than a Prada bag. Uniqueness and the story behind a gift makes it memorable to the person who receives it. And a gratifying and loving experience for the person giving it.

Choose, hand-made, or local for this year's holiday gifts. Come and meet us at Vogas or visit other fabulous artisans and designers.

From this October through first days of January 2017, Vogas returns to Boston's Newbury Street Handmade Market. Visit our pop-up space at 301 Newbury street lower level.