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Pocket-Sized Cycling Guides to European Cities

If you've ever dreamed of exploring some of Europe's most exciting cities by bike, these City Cycling Guides are your go-to resource. The series of pocket-sized guides from the cycling brand Rapha and publishing house Thames & Hudson were written and designed by Max Leonard and Andrew Edwards. The series includes editions for Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ghent, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan and Paris and are illustrated by local artists from each city.

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Street Art!

We love street art. The color, beauty, and inspiration of the art express the same passion we feel when designing our shoes.  Whether the piece is for pure enjoyment or a call to action, street art has a sort of raw power that can be hard to find in a gallery.The fact that this beautiful piece is out in the open and accessible to all makes it even more commanding. This particular mural was painted a couple of years ago in Linares, Spain. One of the artists is the famous “Anarkia”, whose real name is Panmela Castro. Nominated by Newsweek as one of “150 Fearless Women”, Castro uses graffiti to change the world.Check out more pieces, including other beautiful murals...

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Brazil 2014

Today marks the beginning of the World Cup, and here at Vogas we couldn’t be more excited.Undoubtedly the largest sporting event in the world, the World Cup has been held every four years since 1930 (with the exception of two cancellations due to World War II), making this the 20th World Cup. Of those 20 champions born from the competition, Brazil has claimed the FIFA World Cup Trophy an astonishing five times. Combined with the fact that they have home field advantage, the Brazilians are a big favorite to win for a sixth time.While you’re waiting for kick-off, Shakira’s newest song dedicated to Brazil 2014 may get you in the mood for some good old fútbol. The music video features Brazilian...

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