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The Perfect Veggie-friendly Gastronomic Destination

Several Spanish chefs and restaurants have made it to the top 10 Best lists in several occasions. But the Iberian Peninsula is not all about seafood paella and Jamón Serrano. Once in a while, I hear a friend coming back from a trip and sharing a story about how beautiful the trip was and how hard it was to find vegan/vegetarian options.  Well, if you go to Barcelona you can leave your crackers behind with no fear to starve during your vacations. Check out this link to where Barcelona officially declares itself a "Veggie-Friendly City"          

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Art of Spain Culture Series

Spanish Art and Artists Influence, style, and famous works From the colorful biomorphic forms of Joan Miro to the geometric cubism of Pablo Picasso, the work of Spanish artists continues to be admired around the world today.  Spanish art has firm roots in the Golden age and Renaissance periods, before flourishing during the modernist movement with Spanish artists on the forefront of movements such as Cubism and Surrealism. The cultural history of Spain is deeply entwined with its art, which reflect and comment on the country’s political and social climates. To better understand the vibrant history of Spain and its artists, a brief guide below will introduce a handful of the most influential Spanish artists to date. Each week, a...

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