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Street Art!

We love street art. The color, beauty, and inspiration of the art express the same passion we feel when designing our shoes.  Whether the piece is for pure enjoyment or a call to action, street art has a sort of raw power that can be hard to find in a gallery.The fact that this beautiful piece is out in the open and accessible to all makes it even more commanding. This particular mural was painted a couple of years ago in Linares, Spain. One of the artists is the famous “Anarkia”, whose real name is Panmela Castro. Nominated by Newsweek as one of “150 Fearless Women”, Castro uses graffiti to change the world.Check out more pieces, including other beautiful murals...

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Mediterranean Soul

The Mediterranean, it’s more than a place on a map it’s an entire way of living. For most people looking on the outskirts in, they see that the country is colorful, and that color is more than a hue, it mirrors the life of the people who live in it. We know because we used to look outside in. For us this life is the perfect balance of work, food, friends and living.We wanted to share that balance, so, we simply decided to take our senses for a walk following our roots.And what did we find? The effervescent atmosphere of “las ramblas”, the smell of fresh fruit mixed with the salty Mediterranean breeze, the shapes of Gaudi, the colors of...

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