Art of Spain Culture Series

Spanish Art and Artists

Influence, style, and famous works

From the colorful biomorphic forms of Joan Miro to the geometric cubism of Pablo Picasso, the work of Spanish artists continues to be admired around the world today.  Spanish art has firm roots in the Golden age and Renaissance periods, before flourishing during the modernist movement with Spanish artists on the forefront of movements such as Cubism and Surrealism.

The cultural history of Spain is deeply entwined with its art, which reflect and comment on the country’s political and social climates. To better understand the vibrant history of Spain and its artists, a brief guide below will introduce a handful of the most influential Spanish artists to date. Each week, a new Spanish artist will be featured; look forward to next week’s piece on Joan Miro. 

Salvador Dali - Surrealism

Lobster Telephone, Salvador Dali, 1938, 

Salvador Dali’s name has become synonymous with Surrealism, the artistic style reminiscent of the vivid and bizarre dreamscapes of the subconscious mind. Born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain, Dali is best known for his melting clocks. His most famous work, The Persistence of Memory, is said to represent the idea that time is a flexible entity, and everything can be destroyed by it.

The Persistence of Memory, Salvator Dali, 1931

Dali’s painting style was meticulous, as he studied classical, renaissance painting techniques in art school (before he was expelled). His realistic painting technique contributed to his surrealist style, a school of painting focused on the bizarre, unbridled imagination of the subconscious mind.

The Three Sphinxes of Bikini, Salvator Dali, 1947


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