3 Men’s Summer Style Trends You Should Try Out

1. Short Shorts


As of early spring 2016, the fashion world has been dominated by a short traditional men’s short. Typically cut just above the knee for the more conservative and higher up the thigh for the more audacious man, men’s short shorts have followed the trend of tighter, better fitted men’s wear. What’s great about the short short is the fact that by it being cut above the knee, the short then flatters the overall shape of the leg, and in so doing not only elongates the leg, making the wearer look taller but it also compliments the shoe by letting it work as a stand-alone piece, unhindered or bothered by a droopy pant or a baggy low-cut short. Moreover it communicates to passersby that the wearer is body conscious and aware that he (likely) has great legs and is aware of what looks good on his body and what doesn’t, indicating that a good amount of thought and energy went into the outfit at hand and making you the wearer appear more mindful and attractive. Whilst shorter shorts, cut in the middle of the thigh, are more on trend with this summer, shorts cut just above the knee work just as well. Pair this with a shoe whose quarterline starts at or just below the ankle for maximum flattering leg exposure.

2. Cropped pants


The cropped or cuffed pant, like the short short as mentioned above, work to accomplish the same thing. To better flatter your legs and elongate them. Since most men’s pants either have a significant amount of overhang, or are too short due to varying waist to pant length ratios, cropping the pants at the ankle has become the DIY remedy to tailoring. Similar to the short shorts, the cropped pant communicates to passersby that the wearer is very conscious of not only what he is wearing but how it looks on his body as well as how it looks with other articles of clothing on. The best thing about cropped pants is that it works for just about every type of full length pant, complementing the corresponding shoes as well as elongating the leg making the wearer look taller and more slender. Now rules to keep in mind when rocking this style trend, don’t wear sock with your shoes. The heft of the sock, unless otherwise strategically worn, will counteract the clean cut elegance of a cropped pant. The only time a traditionally cut sock is acceptable is if it’s a funky sock with a specific colour or pattern and is worn very intentionally along with the rest of the ensemble. The pant itself should be cut just above the ankle and no higher than the shin so as to maximize the amount of lower ankle exposure as well as the “elongative properties” of the style. This style works with just about every type of men’s style be it skater boy, urban street style, something more classically formal or the casual dresser.


3. Long Cut T-shirts


The Long-cut t-shirt is a fairly recent men’s style trend dominating the fashion world. Typically found in street style, the long cut t-shirt as become a staple in many style maven’s wardrobes. With this trend, the emphasis is more on the silhouette it creates rather than its complementary properties. The long-cut T elongates the torso making the wearer not only look taller but more slender. This paired with the above mentioned short short or cuffed pant is not only a winning combination but also about as on trend as it gets. Like the aforementioned trends, this has many styles it can be applied too such as skater boy and urban street style. The key to styling it right is contrasting the top with the bottom. If the top is going to be super long and oversized, then the bottom should be tighter and more form fitting. This creates a stronger more masculine silhouette as it creates a long strong, solid upper body contrasted with a slimmer, but toned bottom in the form of ones legs. That’s why it’s important to wear with a cropped pant. A full pant doesn’t complement the silhouette of the long T and ends up making the wearer look boxy and out of shape. Keep in mind with shorts, they’ll have to be just long enough to be visible bellow the shirt, so maybe consider a looser fitting short but with the same length as was discussed earlier.

Written by Tiang Maphosa

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    These looks are best if one is going out for a short vacation to the beach to chill out with friends.

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