Moo Shoes!

Our aspas and sendas are now making an appearance at the truly awesome vegan retail store Moo Shoes in Manhattan.

Moo Shoes has been around for over a decade now and has been dedicated to the cause of promoting clothing and accessories that are also animal-friendly and green in addition to very stylish, one of the first stores of its kind in NYC. We are particularly excited about our relationship with them because they fit perfectly with the 3 tenets of our philosophy here at Vogas: Quality, Comfort, and Eco-Friendly.

They are located at 78 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, so be sure to check them out you are in the city this summer! Besides Vogas shoes, they have a wonderful selection of products we love from some great belts, bags, t-shirts, soaps, & other vegan products.



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