3 Features that make the Espadrille so Unique


The espadrille is a shoe style which for ages has been unique to Europe, particularly Spain and France. In recent years Americans have also developed interest in this classic European style, attracted to its comfort, elegance, and roots. Here are some special features that place espadrilles ahead of the rest:

  • Long History - Espadrilles have been made in their current form in Catalonia and Occitania since the 14th century, derived from an older style going back over 4000 years. Once comfortable handmade footwear for medieval commoners, espadrilles now have become widely popular shoes for the spring and summer months in the Catalan and Basque areas of Spain
  • Jute soles - While the term "espadrille" refers to the esparto plant that was wrapped to make the sole originally, jute has become more in use due to its minimal environmental impact (100% biodegradable and low pesticide needs), great strength and durability, and breathable nature.
  • Complex design - The design and making of espadrilles requires an extra attention to detail not seen in the production of other shoes or sandals. Rather than the exclusive use of machinery, a high-quality espadrille shoe requires that the designer and producer pay close attention as the jute sole is carefully wrapped and sewn to the upper.

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